Celebrates the turn of the times with bright colors and detailed floral carvings.

Each Seasons bag is created from a blend of upcycled Ipil wood sourced from the beams of a demolished old house in Laguna, and sustainably sourced teak wood from a farm in Pangasinan. The bags capture various flowers in full bloom which blossom according to a particular season. Each bag features Charming Baldemor’s signature skill of creating illusions of softness on hard wood. To accentuate the look of each bag, high-quality local leather in various colors are used to bring each piece to life— in the crafting of the handles and the side tassels, providing color to complement the delicate wooden flowers.


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Aesthetics can make all the difference, and masterpieces can breathe life onto any space.

One of the best reflections of culture is
the art that is produced.

We pride ourselves in elevating the Filipino
wood carving industry.