Exuding timeless femininity.

Old stair steps made of Narra serve as the canvas for the Lace collection. Influenced by the softer qualities of women, the collection exudes refinement, daintiness, and taste. The juxtaposition of the delicate lace and one of the hardiest kinds of wood showcases the skill it takes to evoke images of softness and warmth using tough materials. The Lace collection is another experiment on carving soft illusions, this time featuring details of light, lacey fabric. The bags feature ornamental designs with intricate and hypnotizing loop and swirl patterns that complement the classical shape of each piece.


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Aesthetics can make all the difference, and masterpieces can breathe life onto any space.

One of the best reflections of culture is
the art that is produced.

We pride ourselves in elevating the Filipino
wood carving industry.