Unyielding lumber and graceful draping: an exquisite visual oxymoron.

From the scraps of a furniture shop in Cavite, the Draped collection brings to mind the exquisite carving technique of great sculptors such as Gianlorenzo Bernini whose deft hands can make the impenetrable marble as graceful as silk. The same illusion is employed by Charming Baldemor in this particular collection through the use of a wooden medium. A natural finish complements the soft leather lining while some of the bags have semi-precious stones and electroplated metal embellishments. Other pieces make use of varying hues of wood as seen by the contrast between the deep shade of Kamagong and the fairer color of Narra.


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Aesthetics can make all the difference, and masterpieces can breathe life onto any space.

One of the best reflections of culture is
the art that is produced.

We pride ourselves in elevating the Filipino
wood carving industry.