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The Acacia used for these bags were taken from cut trees from road widening projects around Laguna and Rizal, and is the work-in-progress of each and every artisan working in the studio of Charming Baldemor. As part of her advocacy to pass on the passion and tradition of woodcarving, she employs emerging artisans and young people, training them in the fine art of woodcarving while instilling in them the value of quality craftsmanship.


“Casual” means more than bags that are made for dressing down—it also means reinventions of familiar styles made to suit the everyday. The Talulot or “Petal” collection is a quasi-ornate experiment on Baldemor’s classic floral theme. Instead of the usual 3D realism, these showcase intricate swirls and flat floral patterns. The bags are covered in fun floral caricatures, coupled with assorted leather accents to bring out that pop of spring in every piece.


The Casual is made up of smaller collections which exhibit a variation in their designs. Lantaga, the theme of the first series the Casual, features a plaited design on the front of each bag. Local leather, carefully curated to suit the different elements of the bag, is used as an accent for the entire collection: The first series done in 2017 is composed of four pieces that are decorated with monotone leather, and two pieces with two-tone leather accents. Durable wax threads stitched on the flap of the bag provide a pleasing contrast to the leather.


In 2018, Tirintas, the second series of Casual was created. Still featuring the delicate plaited design  cross the front of the bag, the leather accents utilized in this collection made use of live edge— a technique that followed the natural shape of the leather that led to highly unique and elegant designs. Along with the genuine leather covers, each bag features expert handstitched details, and durable metal attachments. A natural finish ensures that these bags are ready-to-go with any outfit, while a leather tassel adds an extra pop of character to each bag.


The destruction brought about by the Habagat in 2012 displaced families and felled trees including the Acacias on which this particular collection was carved on. The third series of the Casual, each bag of the Bagwis collection has distinct graphic character. Looking at the different birds carved on the wood, it seems that the design has captured a scene in the middle of an
unfolding narrative. However, beyond the playful spirit of the collection, it serves as a reminder that the presence of birds signals the growth of trees— their homes. This echoes Charming Baldemor’s philosophy of creating solutions for sustainable wood carving.


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