Boasting quality work and design tailored to suit every persona, CBS also creates custom-made items—perfect for everyone, for every occasion.


Our corporate giveaways are crafted to express the distinct personality of your brand. Made from high-quality reclaimed wood, each piece carries its own unique style that will surely make your giveaways memorable. Run your ideas with the team and allow them to guide you through the development process to create the ideal giveaway that fits your message and vision. Your involvement is important in the creative process, and we will make sure that your ideas successfully make it across.

To get you started, we offer customized creations for items such as baskets, keychains, caddies, or clocks.

who we are

Pulido—polished, refined—means more than simply the quality of work.

We pride ourselves in elevating the Filipino wood carving industry through a grassroots approach of involving both emerging and seasoned wood artisans in the creation of beautiful and useful art pieces.

We aim to keep the wood carving industry alive by improving the quality of life our local wood-carvers, encouraging them to see that this is a viable livelihood choice.

We provide a channel for artists to sell products, source raw materials sustainably, and guidance to produce goods without compromising workmanship and the environment.

what keeps us carving

We don’t create art for art’s sake. We create to inform, to showcase, to provoke thought. As a whole—Pulido is a brand for showcasing expertly-carved pieces, and a platform for raising awareness on the hard work and effort that goes into the wood carving industry. We train our artists in the art of fine wood carving, and offer them the necessary support to help them get their products on the market

— all while encouraging the whole to create within it, a sustainable supply ecosystem that is kind to our planet

fresh. organic. natural —

The brand works with the natural essence of wood, leveraging on earth’s design of grain, texture, and color.

fresh. organic. natural —

While earthy, the precision at which we handle the wood completely by hand is the legacy we’re proud of.


a legacy of partnership.

re-inventing the industry

Pulido works with the artisan community from the carving capital of the Philippines—Paete, Laguna, in a partnership that’s been ongoing since 1997.

To date, we have worked with 8 artist families—old and young, to keep the craft alive in their respective lineages.

The partnership spans more than art and business sense, with profits from sales going towards wages and additional training, and loans from the business that these artists use towards home improvement and healthcare expenses, and continuing education.

Under the guidance of Charming Baldemor, artists not only learn how to create with a greater sense of quality, but are also introduced to a network and practice of sustainable sourcing for their wood supply.

we create with the artists we support.

It started with a braid

The braid, or Tirintas, is the ultimate practice of precision and attention to detail. Apprentices use the foundational exercise of carving braids as a way to practice creating straight, even, and consistent motifs on wood.

Our practical art pieces showcase the many faces of the braid, and the more complex designs that come after it—a tangible success story of the hard work all our artists pour into the craft.


injecting oppurtinity into the
local wood-carving industry

circular consumption that is
kind to Mother Earth

empowerment of women
and artisans

local heritage and
historical art


  • Discuss with the client  bout the project’s specific requirements including materials to be used/type of wood, dimensions, wood finishing, and logistical concerns.

  • The overall concept and ‘look’ of the final product will also be discussed in this phase. Sketches or photos that further illustrate your desired outcome are also welcome.
  • Make a plan / illustration

This step includes an artist’s perspective of your idea for the final piece as well as a detailed technical plan for the feasibility of installation (if applicable).

  • Make a prototype (if necessary)

A more “tangible” part of the final piece is given (a small model for smaller projects, or a sample piece for larger ones), to give you an idea of how the piece will look like upon completion, and to give you better insight on the level of detail applied.

  • Carpentry

This covers any preliminary construction required for your project

  • Wood preparation (treatment and conditioning)

The selected wood to be used for the project is obtained and prepared for carving

  • Carving

The main step of the creation process includes the carving/ sculpting proper. Great care is given to ensure that your final vision is obtained and properly translated onto the wood.

  • Sanding

A check-up can be done at this step for you to see a more polished version of the final product

  • Finishing

The wood finish discussed in phase 1 will be applied to the final carved/sculpted product

    • The pieces will be packed according to your specifications
      for delivery


Expression—the forefront of femininity. The facet that makes every woman-

Aesthetics can make all the difference, and masterpieces can breathe life onto-

One of the best reflections of culture is the art that is produced. With innovative-