Charming Baldemor Studios (CBS) is a carving and sculpting company that offers quality decorative and functional handicrafts. It was established in 1997 and is situated in the Carving Capital of the Philippines, Paete, Laguna. CBS is the brainchild of Charming Baldemor, hailing from the prominent family of Baldemor artists.  A virtuosic artist and business mogul herself, Charming is driven by her passion for art and love for the town she calls home.

The heart of CBS is centered on the intention to locally produce handcrafted masterpieces by combining original artistry and outstanding craftsmanship with the use of quality materials.  CBS’s products are primarily made from various kinds of soft and hard wood, while alternative materials used in production include chipboard, paper mache, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), polyresin, fiberglass and bamboo. From procurement and selection of raw materials, to design development, and in basically every stage of production, CBS ensures topnotch quality and delivers only superior products that are proudly Philippine-made.

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Since its establishment in 1997, CBS continues to provide Paetenian artists with an avenue to exhibit their prowess in the art of woodcarving. These local artists provide aesthetic elegance and an eye for detail that result in striking works of art. The creative freedom given to the artists make room for self-expression and further honing of their craft. Each piece produced by CBS is a testament of sheer Filipino artistry.

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CBS aims to continue to be a harbinger of the woodcarving skill that chiseled the town of Paete as the Carving Capital of the Philippines.  Committed to providing first-rate merchandise and services, the company engages Paetenian artists and locals, providing artistic and economic opportunities for the people.  From the selection of durable materials to the prompt accomplishment of each handcrafted piece, CBS stands firm in their commitment of providing excellent products and services for its clientele.

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Taking a resolute stand against illegal logging, CBS only procures raw materials from trusted suppliers.  CBS also utilizes utilizes recycled, antique wood such as driftwood and parts from demolished old houses, and old carts.  By breathing new life into pieces of aged yet durable hardwood, the company upholds its advocacy to protect the local forests from unnecessary logging.  In line with its commitment to assuring its patrons of high-quality products and services, CBS offers after sale support.


Charming Baldemor breathes a new sense of dynamism into the wood-carving tradition by pioneering the use of upcycled or sustainably-sourced wood for each creation. Her work is more than just symbolic or functional artistry— each minaudiere carries a story, etched into the grains of the wood used to create it.


Charming Baldemor creates so that others may keep on creating. The Studio serves as a training ground for young and emerging artisans to perfect their craft while maintaining the principles of excellent quality and precise handiwork for which Charming Baldemor is known.


Aesthetics can make all the difference, and
masterpieces can breathe life onto any space.

One of the best reflections of culture is
the art that is produced.

We pride ourselves in elevating the
Filipino wood carving industry.